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Who is EDA?

EDA Ltd. is an innovative, professional services company dedicated to customer needs in developing business using information technologies and advanced approaches.

The Beginning ...

EDA Ltd. was founded in March 1995 by merging two companies: AIT Engineering (software development and networking oriented company), founded in 1989 and NOVA (computer hardware, service and retail company), founded in 1992.

Both companies were started by hightly educated young assistant professors in Computer Science from the Gabrovo Technical University.

The initial enthusiasm gave a lot of energy to the development of the company from 3 self employee to over 20 employees and representatives all over the country as well as starting the international operations in USA from the year 2000.

... and Now

Since EDA was founded many new information technologies have been invented and deployed in real business. All these years our company has been trying to keep up with accelerating IT world and drive our education ahead of time.

But, what do we do now?

First of all we are software designers and developers. Along with this we are system integrators in IT serving different kinds of businesses:

  » assembling computer systems;

  » retailing world famous brands PCs, servers and systems;

  » installing of structural cabeling systems;

  » building heterogenous computer networks using copper wire, fiber optics and wireless technologies;

  » integrating proprietary and third party software to complete the solutions provided to the clients.


But the very new direction of our development is:

Professional Web Design and Internet Applications

Web Design technologies

  » HTML, DHTML, XML scripting;

  » Client side Java Script;

  » Professional Graphics Design;

  » Dynamic Web Pages.

Using server side scripting and databases as:

  » Microsoft Active Server Pages (с MS IIS);

  » PHP (с Apache);

  » Microsoft SQL Server (под Windows NT);

  » MySQL (под Linux);

makes our Web sites real Internet Applications. The content of the web pages is not yet static or limited with client side scripting languages. It is dynamic and database driven. The content is managed using standard web interface.

EDA provides the E-Commerce Software Development and the Web Store Design (E-Commerce solutions) needed to facilitate both merchants and consumers in their web site promotions and secure payment transactions.



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